The ‘not retiring at 42’ hotdogs… (5 Comments)

The Toronto Star ran an article about a man who is retiring at 42 although he had planned to retire at 45..He and his wife have socked away a bunch of money, and including their home they have a net worth of $750,000 (How is that enough?).  Anyway, they have two young kids and are looking forward to spending more family time, finding hobbies and volunteer work to fill their time.


Now Hubby wants to know why he can’t retire at 42.  I tell him because we have 5 children and because those people are obviously cheap and crazy frugal and must live boring lives without vacations, dinners out, movies etc and we like to live a little, not in a posh way, but in a fun with family way.


So then hubby goes on to open the dreaded Visa bill and discover that we (I) have spent $1400 on groceries last month…This didn’t surprise me.  I do my main shopping at the cheap grocery stores and my produce and meat at ‘better’ stores.  I also try to buy organic fruit and veggies.  The kids eat a ton of fruit and veggies.


Hubby then opened the freezer and pulled out hotdogs that I had bought. (I never buy hotdogs but had made an exception for these).  He read the label (Natural selections, all natural ingredients) and proclaimed the hotdogs to be the ‘not retiring at 42 hotdogs’.  Now he calls everything that wasn’t cheap or on sale the ‘not retiring at 42’ whatever.  He says things like ‘I’m going to cut the kids some ‘not retiring at 42′ cucumbers for their lunches’.


Then he read somewhere that you can save 25% on your grocery shopping if you use a list…Well, I don’t make lists because I lose them or I forget them at home and get super frustrated.  So, now hubby wants to do the shopping himself!  He thinks we will save money.  I’m okay with him doing the groceries because he always buys what I ask him to buy-he’s not like my dad, who always buys the store brand version when my mom sends him to buy something.


When he is going to have the time to buy the groceries, I’m not sure, considering tonight for instance he just got home from the office and its after 10pm.  The kids are already complaining they have nothing to snack on and that the fruit choices are lacking…I’m rather happy to give up the shopping chores but for us, one shopping trip a week isn’t enough because we always run out of fruit half way through.  Hubby won’t like having to shop more often than once a week, and the only way to buy everything we need for a week is to use two carts-which I know he won’t do..


We might save money this week…we might lose weight too..I wonder how long hubby will want to be the shopper for?  If ‘extreme couponers’ happens to come on the tv, I’m turning it quickly.  If hubby starts shopping from flyers and driving around from store to store with an envelope full of coupons, we might see him a lot less…and he might really make me crazy looking for the best deals on the ‘not retiring at 42 hotdogs’ and ‘not retiring at 42 peanut  butter.’

5 Responses to “The ‘not retiring at 42’ hotdogs…”

  1. Diane Says:

    This is too funny! Hang in there….my Don doesn’t think your hubby shopping will last too long!

  2. Betts Says:

    OMG….. Hubby needs to get over it – not retiring at 42 IS his reality….. and 1400 a month for 7 people is GOOD! An investment in what you put in your mouth pays off down the road……
    Good luck with that!

  3. Diane Says:

    I keep trying to leave you comments, but they don’t ever show up. Just didn’t want you to think I wasn’t listening anymore.

  4. Melanie Says:

    Thanks for sending me the link to your blog! Have enjoyed reading the posts, especially the ‘not retiring’ one, laughed so hard as that is the sort of thing my hubby would say!! Mine has taken on the shopping once in awhile and acts like a pro when he gets the job done…it cracks me up that mine thinks he could do it week in and week out!! Have a great weekend, mel

  5. fiveallmine Says:

    Thanks for your comments, so glad you enjoyed my blog! When you get time go to the archives and read my first couple of posts. They were more generic about parenting and I think some of my funniest writing…Now that I’m working full time I don’t have as much time to spend on creativity!!!So sad!

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