Top 10 reasons to dislike teenagers (No Comments)

There are many, many reasons to dislike teens.  Here are just a few:

10. They are teenagers.

9.  Their hormones are raging and their brains are growing and this makes them mean, moody and mouthy.  Did I mention mean?

8.  They don’t like to be told what to do.

7.  They ignore you when you tell them what to do (see #8 for the reason why).

6.  They cannot be forced to hang up their jacket or put their shoes in the closet.  CANNOT.  They will do it, if and when they feel like doing it…which is never.

5.  They think they know more than their parents and will argue about anything and everything.  Including how they will be perfectly safe going to Queen’s university for the weekend with other 17 year old girls for Hallowe’en parties, wearing oversexualized costumes. (I’m not sure if oversexualized is a word, but even if I made it up, it fits).

4.  They think their parents are REALLY old, even though they try to pass things over on us as if we were born yesterday.  Weird.

3.  They only know how to turn lights  ON.  They don’t seem to like being told that money is burning up as they leave lights on all over the house.  This seems to make them leave even more lights on.

2.  They CAN’T rinse their toothpaste out of the sink…EVER…because, well, GROSS!

1.  They don’t want to hold our hands or snuggle anymore.  (This hurts, but if we tell ourselves we don’t like THEM  anymore, maybe it won’t hurt quite so much).

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