Times change (No Comments)

This blog used to be only about my family but as time has passed and my kids have gotten older and less cute (heehee) I have realized that it is time to change things up.

I have decided to included other parts of my life in this blog that make up a big part of my life. Two things that I will be writing about are my mom’s struggles with Alzheimers as well as my own journey with my writing career.

I will still include posts about my kids when there is something to share. But for now I think that this makes the most sense.

Happy new year!

St. Anthony- patron saint of lost Ipods (No Comments)

My son spent days looking for his Ipod. He couldn’t find it anywhere and was quite upset and going into video game withdrawal.
Finally, I offered up assistance in the form of advice. I told him to pray to St. Anthony. Gregory asked me how fast he works. I replied that it depends on how busy he is!
Later, Gregory sat on the couch and was asking for more advice. I recommended sticking his hands down into the couch cushions and then began doing it myself.
Within a minute, I pulled the Ipod out from under a cushion.
Gregory was quite grateful but I wasn’t particularly thrilled. i like when my kids misplace their video games. They talk to me more!

Top 10 reasons to dislike teenagers (No Comments)

There are many, many reasons to dislike teens.  Here are just a few:

10. They are teenagers.

9.  Their hormones are raging and their brains are growing and this makes them mean, moody and mouthy.  Did I mention mean?

8.  They don’t like to be told what to do.

7.  They ignore you when you tell them what to do (see #8 for the reason why).

6.  They cannot be forced to hang up their jacket or put their shoes in the closet.  CANNOT.  They will do it, if and when they feel like doing it…which is never.

5.  They think they know more than their parents and will argue about anything and everything.  Including how they will be perfectly safe going to Queen’s university for the weekend with other 17 year old girls for Hallowe’en parties, wearing oversexualized costumes. (I’m not sure if oversexualized is a word, but even if I made it up, it fits).

4.  They think their parents are REALLY old, even though they try to pass things over on us as if we were born yesterday.  Weird.

3.  They only know how to turn lights  ON.  They don’t seem to like being told that money is burning up as they leave lights on all over the house.  This seems to make them leave even more lights on.

2.  They CAN’T rinse their toothpaste out of the sink…EVER…because, well, GROSS!

1.  They don’t want to hold our hands or snuggle anymore.  (This hurts, but if we tell ourselves we don’t like THEM  anymore, maybe it won’t hurt quite so much).

Twin birthday (No Comments)

twins one year old





My twins turned 11 last Monday.


Gone are the days of shared birthday parties.  Oh no!  They can’t bear to have a party at the same time, how embarrassing!


Sabrina’s friends came over on Saturday and first we made individual pizzas and then they went to the decorated basement to build gingerbread houses.  It was very fun! And messy!  And sugary!


Gregory skulked around, hanging out with me in the kitchen while the girls were downstairs and disappearing into the living room when they came upstairs. He didn’t speak to any of the girls, all of whom he knows well as they are in his class. I found this strange.


They didn’t.


I didn’t let anyone go upstairs. Bedrooms were off limits for the party.  My twins share a bedroom and neither one cares to have the others friends look at the stuff or God forbid, sit on their bed!  One time Sabrina’s friend exclaimed, ‘you share a room with Gregory?  Gross!’


Ahh kids!  In just a few more years we likely won’t be able to keep them apart when their friends are over (if their older siblings are any indication).  Gross!




Daughter Love (No Comments)

I have written about my teenaged daughter  many times, I believe, calling her a ghost on more than one occasion. She was very ghost like, turning on lights, slamming doors, floating around and not talking to anyone.  But now, she has changed.


My baby girl has come back to me.  She likes us again!  She isn’t yelling at me anymore!  She is laughing and smiling and no, I am 100% certain that she is not on drugs!  Yay us!  I feel like we have been reunited after 3 years of hormone hell and it feels good!


The only problem is, now she is looking up universities to attend next year.  And they are all far enough away that she won’t be able to continue to live at home.  This makes me sad.


I just got her back!!  I don’t want her to leave me again!


Why do they have to grow up?  I wish she was 3 years old again with curly red ringlets framing her face, wearing overalls and hurling forks across Pizza Hut with the arm of a professional baseball player…I would find it funny if we went back in time to relive it, I really would.  Pinky promise.